• David D. Schuh, Psy.D​

    A professor and mentor of mine has on his business card, “Helpful conversations about human concerns.” That phrase encapsulates my feelings about psychotherapy. Generally, there is something very beneficial and curative in sharing your feelings and life challenges with another person. Specifically, reflections on how early life experiences have come to shape present day choices have proven benefits. It is in this dialogue that one comes to have a better understanding of self.

    My interest in mental health began as an undergraduate, where a fascination with the psychological literature developed an understanding of human behavior. Further studies and interactions with friends and family cemented my educational direction and graduate study in the field of psychology. The career path I have undertaken for the last 20 years is one that includes working with clients in various settings. From large scale hospitals, universities and institutions to community mental health agencies and group homes, my passion is in providing clinical mental health services to others.I am a New Jersey licensed professional counselor and mental health screener; a member of the New Jersey Psychological Association, as well as a board member on its Early Career special interest group. I welcome the opportunity to help.