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    Discovery Wellness Center

    7 E Frederick Pl
    Cedar Knolls, N.J. 07927
    [email protected]

    Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are founded on the notion that all of us are here to assist you in the processes of finding, uncovering, and celebrating who you are. We thrive on creating solutions or new behaviors for your challenges that our years of education, diverse backgrounds and treating patients has taught us. No one else can change you, but we will try to help you discover what you need to make your life more enjoyable.

    Discovery Psychotherapy Center is proud to announce Discovery Wellness Center, which is primarily geared towards assisting families and young people. The philosophy of the Wellness Center is based on strengths and what makes us “well” so that knowledge, tools and insights can be gained to navigate the world around you. Our therapists are as diverse as the people we care for.

    The services provided at The Wellness Center include: substance abuse intervention and treatment, counseling for bereavement and illnesses, in school behavioral observations and developmental techniques, A.D.D., A.D.H.D. assessment and psychoeducation. As a stone tossed in a pond creates ripples that touch every part of that body, we emphasize a collaborative approach to create change in the whole family, utilizing the strengths of all its members.

    Just like our sister program, Discovery Psychotherapy Center, hours of operation are flexible to accommodate the needs of our population; evening and day sessions are easily accessible. Most major insurances are accepted.

    Children + Education + Mental Health

    In our practice, we often work with children to help them cope with various mental health and life issues. Sometimes, these issues impact a child’s ability to perform in school. For more information regarding rights for students with disabilities, including mental health concerns, please refer to Wrightslaw and see what options there are for your child in their school district.

    Group + Seminar Offerings

    We are in the process to offer group and seminar work. Please check back periodically for any updates!