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    Please see below for some unique resources for children, adolescents, and adults.

    Dr. Keith Morgen, PhD., LPC, ACS, (one of our own Wellness therapists!) is the author of Substance Use Disorders and Addictions. This textbook is based on more than 20 years of Dr. Morgen’s work as a clinician, instructor, researcher, and program developer. Content includes basic information on addiction and substance use, diagnosis, levels of care, counseling interventions and more! Throughout the book, Dr. Morgen describes how to incorporate a holistic approach in treating co-occurring substance use and psychiatric disorders. Please visit Amazon or SAGE Publishing to purchase your copy today!

    One of Discovery Psychotherapy’s former therapists, Brielle Marino, MA, is the author of Wilhemina and the What Ifs. This book is written for children and is based in cognitive-behavioral psychology to address childhood anxiety. Please visit Amazon or Barnes & Noble to purchase your copy today!