• Irene Sullivan, LMFT

    Helping individuals, couples, and families navigate through and beyond short-term and long-term challenges and crises is at the core of my practice as a therapist.

     My work has one essential goal: to help people feel emotionally safe and stable in their relationships (romantic, family, and platonic), and extend this comfort and confidence into other realms of daily life and routines. My approach to therapy begins by creating a safe environment for people where you can have the space and support you need to flourish and begin utilizing strengths you already have, but may not be aware of.  

    My experiences extend to working with couples, families, and individuals. 

    I believe that by working holistically, I can best support people in exploring the impact their interactions have on them. This will assist in having a deeper and stronger understanding of self. I have helped people address and work through depression, anxiety, grief, domestic violence, sexual assault, family life cycle issues, relational problems, and transitional issues with individuals, couples, and families.    

    I believe therapy is not about shrinking problems, but rather expanding a person’s understanding of themselves and their experiences. My goal in working with you will not be to minimize your current challenges, but rather, to expand and better understand your perspective and awareness, and empower you to achieve your therapeutic goals.