• Lisa Isley, LAC

      At some point in all of our lives, we come face to face with a traumatic experience. Be it a car accident, war, abuse, neglect, bullying and/or rape, trauma does not discriminate.  Studies have shown that trauma effects our physical, mental and emotional state of mind and if untreated, can become a major obstacle in forming healthy attachments, achieving career goals and having the ability to see who we truly are separate from the trauma. This has a profound impact on our feelings of self worth and belief in ourself.o

          I am an EMDR therapist and have witnessed many successful outcomes by using this technique with anyone experiencing trauma. Very often, the results bring a tremendous amount of peace to the person and there is a strong sense of clarity and resolve around the traumatic experience. EMDR is a powerful method to treat trauma and in the process, heal other areas of pain you may have experienced throughout your life.

          I have been practicing EMDR for quite a few years now and am very passionate about this approach. I have seen it work in my own life and it truly was life changing.  I am so fortunate to love and believe in this type of treatment and be able to help others find and obtain the peace and understanding that EMDR brings.